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It has become the new normal for the team within Direct Care Training & Resource Center, Inc. to make visits to potential users of their continuing education and staff development learning products.  For the week beginning February 26, 2024, the target is nursing homes in and around Orlando, Florida and one trip to Jacksonville to provide information to licensing administrators.

With new approval of our subject:  “Human Trafficking:  What Care Providers Need to Know”  which can be found at www.humantraffickingtrng.com,the excitement is raging.

Why it matters so much?  The importance of human trafficking training for nursing home administrators cannot be overstated, particularly with an emphasis on victim identification. This specialized training is essential for several reasons, primarily because it addresses the unique vulnerabilities and challenges faced by elderly individuals in nursing home settings. Elderly residents may be at increased risk of exploitation due to factors such as isolation, cognitive decline, and dependency on caregivers for daily needs. By equipping nursing home administrators with the knowledge and skills to identify potential victims of human trafficking, we can create a safer environment for this susceptible population.

Human trafficking training tailored for nursing home administrators focuses on recognizing the subtle signs of trafficking and exploitation, which can often be overlooked in a healthcare setting. This includes understanding behavioral indicators, physical signs, and the psychological impact of trafficking on victims. With this knowledge, administrators are better prepared to respond to and prevent exploitation within their facilities. They become key players in a larger network of professionals working to combat human trafficking, capable of initiating timely interventions and collaborating with law enforcement and social services to support victims.

Of course, the training does not limit its focus to the elderly.  There are important statistics and feedback from law enforcement and psychological professionals.

Moreover, the benefits of such training extend beyond the immediate identification and assistance of trafficking victims. It also contributes to a culture of vigilance and compassion within nursing homes, where the well-being and dignity of every resident are prioritized. Administrators who are trained in victim identification are more likely to implement policies and practices that enhance overall care and safety, thereby improving the quality of life for all residents. Furthermore, their proactive stance against human trafficking can serve as a model for other healthcare settings, highlighting the critical role that healthcare professionals play in combating this global issue.

In conclusion, human trafficking training for nursing home administrators, with a focus on victim identification, is a vital component of safeguarding the elderly population in care facilities. It not only empowers administrators to protect and advocate for their residents but also contributes to the broader efforts to eradicate human trafficking within healthcare settings. The implementation of such training programs is a crucial step towards ensuring that nursing homes are safe havens for all residents, free from exploitation and abuse.


The National Continuing Education Review Service (NCERS) of the National Association of Long-Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB) has approved the below program as follows:

Title: Human Trafficking: What Care Providers Must Know to Join the Prevention Fight

Program Hours approved: 4.50

Approval Start Date: 3/1/2024

Expiration Date: 2/28/2025

Site Start Date: 3/1/2024

Site End Date: 2/28/2025

Program Approval Code: 20250228-4.50-A98302-DL

Participant Hours approved: 4.50

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