PIC - COURTROOM SCENEThere is no business that does not have to be liability focused.  All of us not only have to be concerned but we must govern our business models around this reality.  Nursing home are no different.

What are major areas of liability for nursing homes?

  1. Falls
  2. Medication mishaps
  3. Visitor falls
  4. Food poisoning, and
  5. The development and accusation of the mismanagement of wounds

Pressure wounds develop in sedentary people rather easily and it takes a combined clinical, pro-active and team effort to keep this area of the operation from becoming your special achilles heel.

PIC - MICHIGAN WOUNDS LOGOThe June 16 and 17, 2016, Livonia, Michigan event for nursing home administrators in Michigan will feature key presentations, handouts and lunch time discussions on keeping this area properly managed.  Among the entities sharing in this area of the dialogue will be Michigan Wounds and Hyperbaric Institute under the leadership of vascular surgeon, Dr. Victor Ubom.

Nursing home administrators and other key personnel will listen to and obtain literature on specific, tested strategies for keeping this area of your daily focus tightly managed and clinically competent.

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We look forward to an exciting and meaningful time together at Burton Manor.  Join us for a truly well-developed event!!  Questions or to enroll by phone dial 866.982.4449 Ext. 101.


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