pic-earn-continuing-education-credits-imageProfessionals spend entire careers investing into knowledge building, and this is commendable.  After all during our careers, professional development adds to our value.  Nursing home administrators are no exception.  To be sure, the number of tasks an administrator in a skilled facility has to manage can easily begin to feel overwhelming.

During 2017 the Professional Product Development team within Direct Care Training & Resource Center, Inc. will introduce three, (3) new online school products for nursing home administrators to use to earn continuing education credits and positively impact your approach to:

  1. Managing Everyone Effectively Regardless of Education or Background
  2. Team Building Concepts that Improve Facility Performance
  3. Improved Strategies for Heightening Clinical Outcomes

These video enhanced products will be available in the online school in late Spring 2017. Please stay tuned to examine or re-examine our commitment to the best the skilled nursing facility has to offer.

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