Nursing home administrators can be those unsung heroes.  Often working and expected to thrive in the most challenging of circumstances, their managerial prowess and people skills contribute to the well-rounded care of the most vulnerable among us.

Direct Care Training & Resource Center, Inc. announced that not later than July 1, 2018, and first being rolled out in the State of Michigan, are eight, (8) new subjects that will provide eighteen, (18) continuing education credits for nursing home administrators.  The national roll-out will be not later than September 1 2018.

The subjects are:

  1. Ethics in an Age of Compromised Integrity
  2. Daily Management Protocol that Minimizes Liability
  3. Doing Your Part to Reduce Worker’s Compensation Claims
  4. An Administrator’s Guide to Understanding PIP Benefits (Personal Injury Protection)
  5. Leveraging External Case Management to Minimize Uncompensated Care
  6. Reducing Personal Job Stress with Effective Conflict Resolution
  7. Partnerships that Help Reduce Hospital Readmissions
  8. Human Trafficking – What Care Providers and Care Administrators Need to Know

The ease of the online school with enlightening videos and professional illustration and real-life experiences will make these subjects of extreme value to the professionals using them.  The currently licensed 1,192 nursing home administrators in Michigan will be notified by June 15, 2018 of how to access each class.  Each is priced at $25.00 which means that eighteen, (18) continuing education credits would be obtainable for only $150.00.  Click Here to access the online school location where are are adding finishing touches to the courses.

Details will continue to be posted here at:

Thanks for being a part of our world in care.

Update:  For the 431 Michigan administrators needing to renew licenses by the end of October 2018, we are awaiting course approval numbers and expect to have them on October 8, 2018.  A special domain exist for this group at:


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