PIC - GREEN HOUSE NURSING HOME EXTERIORThe skilled nursing center has faced its challenges of late, including the addition of penalties by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services associated with hospital readmissions deemed premature, survey standards and reimbursement for service fees.  In the midst of all of this, the business model remains viable.

This applies for those seeking desperately needed short-term rehabilitation and those in long-term beds as a result of PIC - MEDICAIDchronic illness that is especially challenging to manage at home.  In these instances, the Medicaid program is of grave importance.  (A Preparatory Brochure)

Entrepreneurs seeking to commence nursing home operation must be sure and develop an understanding of state requirements, in addition to federal standards.  This will help you avoid certain hurdles.  A good example is how in the U.S. State of Michigan a prospective nursing home owner must file a Letter of Intent with the Department of Health & Human Services.  These can only be filed on the 1st of February, June and October.

From there the Department determines additional documentation needs.  This normally occurs within fifteen, (15) days.  That leads to the filing of an application and the Department can issue an approval or disapproval within fifteen, (15) days.  Depending up[on the response from the department director, an applicant can move forward or request a hearing.

There can be significant time and money lost if the process is flawed from the beginning.  Stay tunesd to our blogs for national updates affecting skilled nursing center operation.

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