PIC - NURSING HOME ADMISSIONS CLERK AT COMPUTERThe front door is an important door in the skilled nursing center.  Without admissions there is no business and no contribution to the community of quality, rehabilitative and restorative care.  So this process is quite meaningful and must be executed with multiple skill sets and with multiple purposes in mind.

Admissions personnel must be more than those who verify insurance enrollment and admissions eligibility.  Such  frontline personnel must be looking to build relationships through new patients and beyond those already in the building.  After all, when you send that letter out to notify family and friends that this new person is being cared for and can be visited during these hours, why not ask them to see you when they come.

The 5 minute presentation you prepare educates them on how you serve the community.  You build a sense of family and perhaps not only will they opt to come there in the event they need you but will recommend you to others.

Think about it, are there 500 people within 20 miles who do not even know you exist or why or what special accommodations you may offer?  You have to employ creative strategies to get that word out with consistency.

This video tells us the value.

Enhancing the Nursing Home Admissions Process from Health Care Marketers on Vimeo.

imageThe “Refining Every Aspect of the Nursing Home Operation” event being held in June 2016 will feature a two, (2) hour discussion on this very area of your operation. This is an approved continuing education event for Michigan nursing home administrators.  Click Here to Learn and Register.

All of us manage processes in the daily execution of our duties.  Many of those processes can benefit from some refinement on a variety of levels.

We just have to avail ourselves to what is involved in being the best and embracing it long-term.  Will you be in attendance?  We hope so….



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